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Article 1 General Rules

Article 1 (Aim)
The terms and conditions aim to regulate the users' rights, obligations and service use regarding the services provided by the Daesoon Academy of Sciences(hereinafter called "the Academy") in Daejin University.

Article 2 (Effect & Revision)
(1) Details of the current agreement shall become effective once a user checks "I agree to the terms and conditions" when joining to become a member.
(2) The Academy may revise the details of the terms and conditions if deemed necessary.
(3) Revised details become effective after notifying members of the revised details.
(4) In case a member does not agree to the revised terms and conditions, the member may discontinue service and withdraw membership. If the member continues service after the terms and conditions have been revised, the member will be presumed to have agreed to the revised details.

Article 3 (Other Regulations)
Matters unspecified in this agreement and the interpretation of this agreement shall abide by other relevant laws regulated by the government including the Telecommunication Framework Act, the Telecommunications Business Act and the law regarding the promotion of information and communication network use and protection of information.

Article 4 (Definition of Terms)
(1) Member : Refers to a user who entered his/her personal details, agreed to the agreement and received a member ID.
(2) Member ID : An online ID consisting of letters and numbers selected by the user for service.
(3) Password : A combination of letters, numbers and special characters to protect members' personal information and for service use.
(4) Administrator : A person who is responsible for the general administration and operation of the service

Chapter 2 Conclusion of the Use Agreement

Article 5 (Establishment of the Use Contract)
(1) The user may receive service from the Academy once he/she is approved as a member of the Academy after agreeing to this agreement and entering his/her personal information according to the Academy's membership form.
(2) The applicant will be acknowledged as a member once he/she agrees to this agreement and concludes the use agreement. A non-member does not have access to specific bulletins.
(3) Other unspecified matters shall follow the standards of general membership.

Article 6 (Approval, suspension and refusal of application for use)
(1) The Academy may suspend or refuse applications submitted by users who wish to use the Academy service if:
① the applicant illegally used another person's name
② the applicant entered false information
③ the applicant is aged 14 years and under and does not have the approval of a guardian
④ the applicant does not meet the requirements set by the Academy
⑤ approval is difficult due to reasons attributable to the applicant
(2) The Academy shall notify applicants who are refused or suspended of approval for service application based on Clause (1), Article 6 of the Academy.

Article 7 (Revision of Use Agreement)
Members shall update their personal information when applying for service use. Users will be responsible for any problem that may arise due to unedited information.

Article 8 (Restriction and Cancellation of Use Agreement)
(1) Members must apply online to cancel the Use Agreement.
(2) The Academy will approve the application for the cancellation of the Use Agreement as long as there is no particular reason to disapprove.
(3) The Academy may restrict service use and cancel the agreement without advance notification in case an Academy member:
① commits an offense against public morals or breaking the social order
② uploads illegal or commercial posts online
③ conducts any of the action specified in Clause (1) of Article 6
④ interrupts the conduct of site operation using illegal means
⑤ uses the Academy or members' information commercially or disclosing such information to a third party
⑥ inflicts damage to the Academy and its members

Chapter 3 Obligations

Article 9 (Obligations of the Academy)
(1) The Academy shall not perform any illegal action or an offense against the social order or public morals and shall exert all efforts into providing a sustainable and stable service to its users.
(2) The Academy shall thoroughly manage the security system to protect personal information of members and provide a safe service to its members. However, the Academy shall do no more than exerting efforts into restoring any personal information lost in the case of Force Majeure.
(3) The Academy shall collect personal information limited to name, organization, major, address and contact details when concluding the Use Agreement.
(4) The Academy shall not disclose, publicize or distribute any of its member's personal information to others without the member's advance approval and shall not use such information for the purpose other that service related duties excepting the cases below.
① In case of demands made by the organization based on the Telecommunications Framework Act and relevant laws
② In case of requests based on duties related with Daejin University
(5) Members shall have the right to open their personal information and request for modification any time they wish and the Academy is bound to take the necessary actions regarding such request.
(6) The Academy shall follow appropriate procedures to process suggestions and ideas raised by members and shall notify the relevant user the cause of delay and the expected processing period, in case a certain amount of time is required.

Article 10 (Obligations of Members)
(1) Members shall abide by the service use guide and precautions specified and regulated in the present agreement and in relevant laws.
(2) Members shall not perform actions that :
① threaten the safety of the country or are linked with crime
② harm the public morals and order
③ cause defamation or infringe rights of others
④ damage the reputation or interrupt the operation of the site
⑤ relate to acting as a member in violation of this agreement
⑥ violate other laws in force
(3) Members will be fully responsible for the consequences of the following actions.
① If damage or loss occurs by poor management of member ID and password
② If others are harmed by posts or content uploaded on site by the relevant member.
③ If the relevant member inflicts injury illegally on others or cause defamation or infringes the intellectual property rights of others
④ If the relevant member harms the social order and public morals or uses service for business purposes outside the given scope

Chapter 4 Provision & Use of Service

Article 11 (Time and Limit of Service Use)
(1) As a rule, service may be used 24 hours a day, 365 days a year as long as there is no Academy duty-related or technical service interruption.
(2) The Academy may limit the time and authority of use for service and special details.
(3) Some services may charge a fee for use.

Article 12 (Information Provision & Bulletin Management)
(1) The Academy may provide details on service use, various Academy events or academic information to its members via e-mail or post.
(2) Members may use the homepage bulletin and shall be responsible for the posts they upload. Thus, the Academy will not be responsible for any damage that occurs by participating in or making contact with advertisements.
(3) The Academy may arbitrarily take the necessary actions against posts or transmissions uploaded or sent by its members which :
① commits an offense against public morals or breaking the social order
② inflicts damage others or cause defamation of others
③ infringes the intellectual property rights of others
④ may cause inconvenience to the operation of service
⑤ contains content that breaches other relevant laws

Article 15 (Compensation)
The Academy shall not be responsible for any damage that occurs in relation to the use of service.

Article 16 (Competent Court)
If there is dispute between members in relation to service use, the dispute will be settled at the court that has jurisdiction of the administrative address of the Academy.

(Supplementary Provisions) The present regulations shall be implemented from September 1, 2016.