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Since its foundation in Daejin University in 1996, the Daesoon Academy of Sciences (DAS) has been annually publishing a collection of reatises on 'Daesoon Thought'. Many studies on the thought have been conducted based on the doctrines and ideologies of the Korean ethnic eligion of Daesoonjinrihoe in academically and ideologically views.

Goals of Foundation

· To promote the research on Daesoon Thought and the academic development of Daesoon theology
· To conduct interdisciplinary researches on religious thought, theories and cultures
· To contribute to the bringing of peace to mankind and the society through an international exchange of thoughts on Daesoon, religion and peace

Operational Aim

·Study and present Daesoon Thought
· Develop educational materials on Daesoon Thought
· Hold academic conferences
· Conduct collaborative researches with other research institutes
· Perform other projects as part of achieving the goals of the Academy